What To Expect

come as you are. leave different.

When you visit us at River West Church, come casual and be yourself. We’ll do the same. You can expect a warm greeting at the door, and you are free to snag some coffee or tea on the way in. We want you to feel at home as you meet others from our community. Making personal connections is a high priority for us. Don’t be surprised if you are given the opportunity to shake someone’s hand or learn someone’s name just about every time you join us. We have great activities for children and teens, too. The folks who welcome you at the door will be able to direct you to River West Kids and Student Ministry.

A meaningful EXPERIENCE
As you find your way to a seat you’ll be invited to join with our community as we sing and worship Jesus together. During this time, you may notice that we’re really enthusiastic about what we are singing. That’s because we are! At River West Church, we see worship as a joyful response to who Jesus is and what He’s done for us. The people sitting next to you may clap along with the songs or lift their hands. Others may choose to reflect quietly on the words on the screens.

Worship is at the heart of who we are as a community of Christ. Worship is a truly meaningful experience for us. And as part of our worship service, you can expect us to open the Bible and learn from God’s word every time we meet. There is nothing more meaningful than God’s Word of truth, revealed in the Bible. It has captured our hearts and filled our lives with meaning! It’s OK if you don’t have a Bible with you. We put the Bible verses up on the screen so you can follow along. Or, simply raise a hand and one of our ushers will bring you one. Feel free to take this Bible home with you if you'd like.

A CHALLENGE for your life
As we open up the Bible together, you will notice that we take God’s Word seriously at River West Church. We teach through the scriptures in a way that shines light on the Gospel at every turn. This is no accident. We want to understand the truths of the Gospel and apply them to our daily lives—even if this means being challenged each week as a community. So each week you can expect to hear something that will challenge you and move you forward in your faith.

River West CONNECT
After each service you will find team members at the River West connect station in the foyer. These are the folks sporting name tags with the bright red “plugged in” logo. This welcoming bunch of folks is dedicated to helping people connect in Gospel fellowship and share opportunities to serve...in the church, our city and the world. They may not know the answers to all your questions but they will do their best to point you in the right direction and follow up with you when needed.